CHALLEDU- inclusion | games | education 



Non-profit organization that pioneers new models of learning, inclusion and engagement. CHALLEDU constitutes one of the leading R&D experts in game-solutions for education and inclusion. Our team designs and implements playful experiences, games, formal and non-formal educational programs, tools, platforms and applications based on cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary approaches. We focus on 2 main sectors:   


The projects of this sector focus on inclusion and empowerment of marginalized groups such as people with disabilities, people with health problems (eg. dementia), old people, NEETs. The aims are: inclusion in the society, improvement of employability, development of skills and competences, advocacy. The emphasis is given to create environments where people with different abilities, or cultural background or skills, or generations interact with each other. The approaches of this sector involves; non-formal or informal education, living labs, open co-creative workshops, game-based tools, and cross-sectoral approaches.  


Education is considered from our team as the driver for positive societal, environmental, innovative change. The projects developed under this sector are focusing on promotion of Entrepreneurship, STE(A)M education, civic and active citizenship, Environmental challenges and agriculture,  Culture, Sustainable development. The target groups are young people, adults, students, trainers and educators, professionals and institutions. Our approach includes forms of non-formal or informal education, game-based methodologies, Role-model methodology, open-learning and digital tools, gamification, as well as cross-sectoral approaches.